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Comprehensive Service for Operation Phase

Sabik Offshore provides the highest quality support during the planning, construction and operation phase. During the installation and commissioning of our components we offer various levels of support. We provide certified training on our systems and components so your technicians feel confident when handling our products. Should further assistance be required onsite training and supervision can be provided. German certification of Nav Aids has to be renewed after an initial period of 4 years and subsequently every 2 years thereafter. Sabik Offshore can manage the process of re-certification. Dirt, grime, salt and human interaction can alter the performance of your Nav Aid system. To ensure the longevity of your Nav Aids and backup systems we recommend a preventative annual inspection scheme. Sabik Offshore will work with you to design a simple and effective inspection program including spot checks, battery measurement, intensity measurements, Nav Aid placement and more.

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SCADA and Remote Monitoring


Sabik Gateways located on each structure are monitored and controlled centrally by means of a Park Master Server. This secure web based interface allows users easy access to key system parameters at any time whilst allowing technicians to diagnose remotely to optimise maintenance planning.

In the construction phase temporary lights and buoys can be monitored with the Sabik LightGuard Monitor system.



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Complete Service for Construction Phase

A clearly marked site will assist in ensuring the safety of the vessels and crew working on location as well as secure the customer’s assets from unintentional damage by passing marine traffic. Combining years of experience and unrivalled expertise in the marine and offshore renewable markets Sabik Offshore, Hydrosphere and Rhenus Logistics have teamed up to offer a full service solution for cardinal buoys and temporary marking tailored for offshore wind construction needs. As market leaders in their respective fields, their premium solutions provide safe, hassle-free marking you can count on. The fully managed solution covers the entire process of marking offshore construction sites from design to deployment and retrieval. This includes detailed coordination and management of the solution, as well as servicing, monitoring and retrieving marking buoys. All of our products and solutions are fully compliant with IALA recommendations.

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New Solutions for Retro Fitting


*Coming Soon* Sabik Offshore will offer a retrofit solution to upgrade Nav Aids to the latest technology complete with remote monitoring.

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Customer Support Portal

Our dedicated customer support portal enables registered users to manage new support queries, download product data sheets and view articles containing numerous support references. For more information on using the customer support portal or for assistance with registration contact our portal team on