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Sabik offers a range of premium products designed to withstand even the harshest offshore environments. Our products have proven their superior design and durability with our systems operating effectively on over 2000 offshore renewable structures and 30 offshore platforms. Each NAi device is individually addressable over the network allowing for simple and intuitive commissioning, monitoring and control. All products fulfil IALA recommendations.


Marine Navigation Lantern

Sabik marine lanterns achieve ranges from 2 to 10 nautical miles exhibiting the special mark characteristic flash patterns with ultra-low power consumption. The robust design and maintenance-free LEDs provide a long service life.

  • SABIK Offshore LED 160 NAi / 2 NM Request
  • SABIK Offshore LED 160S NAi / 5 NM PDF Datasheet EN DE Request
  • SABIK Offshore LED 160 NAi GPS / 5 NM PDF Datasheet EN DE Request
  • SABIK Offshore LED 160S NAi GPS / 5 NM PDF Datasheet EN DE Request
  • SABIK Offshore LED 160HS NAi S / 10 NM PDF Datasheet EN DE Request

ID Floodlight

The Sabik NAi floodlight is used for short-range ID marking on offshore wind turbines. The maintenance-free LEDs provides uniform illumination of daytime ID markings at night.

ID Marking Sign

The Sabik ID marking sign & Floodlight is developed for efficient and reliable night time marking. The ruggedized design provides high visibility with low light pollution.

Fog Signal

The Sabik Fog Signal is designed to emit a 360-degree beam of sound in the horizontal plain during low visibility conditions with an acoustic range of 2 nautical miles. 

AIS System

The Sabik AIS (Automatic Identification System) provides an electronic aid to navigation, ensuring navigational safety through reporting the position of Nav Aids as well as obstacles to navigation.

  • SABIK Offshore AIS DUO - AtoN T3 Request
  • SABIK Offshore AIS ONE - AtoN T3 Request

Boat Landing Light

The Sabik NAi floodlight uses maintenance-free LED technology for illuminating boat landing and maintenance platforms on offshore structures.

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Offshore Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

The Orga medium intensity obstruction light marks structures that present a hazard to aviation. The precise optical characteristics and maintenance free design allows for the safe operation of aircrafts in the vicinity of offshore wind farms.

  • ORGA L550 Red + Infra-Red PDF Datasheet EN Request
  • ORGA L550-xxx-white-dual PDF Datasheet EN Request
  • ORGA L550-xxx-Red PDF Datasheet EN Request

Offshore Low Intensity Obstruction Light

The Orga low intensity obstruction light marks objects that present a hazard to aviation. The ruggedized design allows for installation in the harshest of environments allowing for a wide range of applications. 

Offshore Low Intensity Tower Light

The Orga tower obstruction lights are used to mark the towers of wind turbines fulfilling both national and international requirements.

  • ORGA Offshore Low Intensity Tower Light Request

Helicopter Corridor Floodlight

The Sabik adjustable intensity tower illumination light provide additional marking for the safe arrival and departure of helicopters in and around offshore wind farms.

Helicopter Hoist Status light

The Orga Heli Hoist Status Light assists in the safe operation of helicopter procedures on offshore wind turbines. The advanced optical profile according to CAA-UK CAP 437 (Edition 8 December 2016) and system control technology meets the most demanding safety standards of modern heli hoist applications.

SAR Light

The Orga Search and Rescue light provides reliable low intensity marking for search and rescue operations meeting the demanding requirements of offshore conditions.

Heli Hoist/SAR Light Combo

Combining the optical profile according to CAA-UK CAP 437 (Edition 8 December 2016) for heli hoist operations as well as providing SAR light capability, the Orga Heli Hoist/SAR combo light is ideal for optimisation in offshore helicopter applications.

  • ORGA Heli Hoist/SAR Light Combo Request
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Marking Light Control System

Designed for marine and aviation aids to navgation the Sabik MLCS is the central point for control, monitoring and providing battery back up up for all navigational aids.

GPS Unit

The Sabik GPS NAi provides precise day-night information and synchromisation pulses for the flashcodes of lanterns in the NAi network. 

Brightness Transmitter

The maintenace free sensor technology measures ambient light levels with higher accuracy than indivdual photocells on NAi devices. If brightness falls below a preset threshold, the navigational aids are switched on via the NAi network.

  • Thies Brightness Transmitter Kit NAi PDF Datasheet EN Request

Visibility Meter

The visibility meter is designed for the measurement of meteorological visibility and triggers other devices in the NAi network in poor weather conditions such as fog.

ParkMaster SCADA System

The Sabik ParkMaster SCADA system provides centralised control, monitoring and data logging of permanent aids to navigation marking systems.

Aviation Controller

The obstruction light controller is used to control and monitor the aviation medium intensity obstruction lights, visibility meter and optionally the SAR light.

  • SABIK Offshore Aviation Controller Request

Over Voltage Protection Box

The Sabik Over Voltage Protection (OVP) box ensures suitable electrical isolation between outdoor devices and indoor control components.

LightGuard Monitor

LightGaurd Monitor provides remote monitoring and control for temporary marking systems. The web-based interface allows usage on any web-enabled device.

  • SABIK Offshore LightGuard Monitor PDF Datasheet EN DE Request

NAi Testbox

NAi Testbox

  • SABIK Offshore NAi Testbox Request
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Self-contained LED lantern

Solar powered LED Marine Lantern for 2 to 5 NM Range. Used as fixed and flashing light for offshore wind farm structures while under construction.

Self-contained LED Obstruction Light

The new benchmark for low-intensity solar LED obstruction lighting in an easy-to-install, low-maintenance package.

Lighted buoy and mooring system

The fully managed lighted buoy and mooring solution covers the entire process of marking offshore construction sites from design to deployment and retrieval.

  • Lighted buoy and mooring system Request

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