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Marine Navigation

Sabik Offshore provides modern and robust products including marine lanterns,
fog signals, boat landing lights, ID floodlights and ID signs to mark offshore turbines
and substations. Our range includes control systems, UPS backups and remote monitoring.

Innovative and Flexible Solutions for Operation Phase

The basic building block for an offshore wind farm is the IALA 0-139 recommendation for marking offshore wind farms. This combined with more than 20 supporting IALA guidelines and recommendations, international standards and expert knowledge allows us to provide certified solutions for all regions around the world. With standard mechanical and electrical interfaces, the NAi system provides the most flexible marking solution for individual wind farm needs.


Core features of the NAi system:

  • Simple mechanical design for uncomplicated Installation
  • Easy user interface for effortless commissioning
  • Complete monitoring solution for the entire NAi network
  • Redundant safety features to ensure quality
  • Power supply and load monitoring for the connected components
  • Transmission of the synchronisation signal
  • Communication interface to a central control and monitoring system (RS-485 interface according to standard protocol Modbus RTU)
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ID Marking Solutions

To fulfil ID marking requirements for offshore wind farms Sabik Offshore offers various solutions with ID Marking Floodlights or ID Marking Signs. The potential solution depends on the specific national guidelines. To minimize light pollution the LED optics have been designed to provide a clear illumination. The ID marking solution can be integrated into the Sabik Offshore NAi system for control, monitoring and battery backup or as a stand-alone product.

Core features of ID Marking Solutions:

  • Rugged
  • High visibility
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Minimal power consumption


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Marking Solutions for Offshore Substations

Our offshore wind products and solutions are not only suitable for marking offshore wind turbines but also offshore substations. Our project engineers create tailor-made solutions for this based on our standardized NAi bus.


Core features of Offshore Substation Solutions:

  • Integrated solution for marking all wind farm structure
  • Unified interface
  • Intelligent monitoring and control
  • Optimised spares holding
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Complete Solutions for Construction Phase

Sabik Offshore provides full temporary marking solutions for an offshore wind construction site. Our solutions include lit and monitored cardinal buoys to clearly mark the construction site as well as self-contained lanterns to protect foundations and transition pieces before the permanent AtoN are installed and powered.

Our fully managed solution covers the entire process of marking the offshore construction site from design to deployment and retrieval. This includes detailed coordination and management of the solution as well as servicing, monitoring and retrieval of marking buoys. The addition of remote monitoring ensures that all lights are working without the need for physical inspection. All of our products and solutions are fully compliant with IALA recommendations.


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EXPERIENCE of Marine Navigation

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